Bike rental system

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Bike rental system


Availability in real time

The most complicated way to rent bicycles on the internet is to manage the availability of resources. The system does it in real time.

Multiple rental points

You can rent your bikes in multiple locations, public or private and apply rates or promotions to each of these locations.

Application of discounts

Adapt discounts to the periods that require it to increase your off-season bookings, or offer exceptional rates to your partners.

Live deposit payment

The reservation of your bikes is entirely online. No need to spend hours on the phone. All you have to do is cash out the balances.

Unlimited number of bikes

You can offer all your bikes to rent, and accessories that go with it. The system does not limit categories or quantities.

Customization of the system

The website is adapted to your activity, to your colors. You can stand out from the competition while benefiting from advice.


  • Smooth your income year-round by accepting reservations for the next season.
  • Save time at the rental point by obtaining upstream customer information.
  • Stand out from the competition who rent very rarely live on the internet.
  • Keep the competitive advantage with exclusivity in your area.